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Oh for crying out loud, I said bacon and eggs!
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23rd-Nov-2007 11:08 pm(no subject)

i also love the fact that northside gets one full week for thanksgiving. its been fantastic!

no more teaching, i now get to hang out and observe teachers! which also means i don't have to get up as early as i used to.

i wonder what's going on in evansville? i've been horrible and haven't been seeing how things are up there. hmmm.
8th-Nov-2007 06:49 pm(no subject)
Northside won Region One Act Competition!!!

I am so proud of all my students! YAY!!!!
12th-Sep-2007 10:11 pm(no subject)
now i know why teachers always wanted us to be quiet.

how frustrating was today?

26th-Aug-2007 10:07 pm(no subject)
working in warner robins is fun. but i'm always sooo tired.

and i got to see the best person in the world this weekend.

i start teaching this week!

becoming jane is a fab movie...btw. james mcavoy...*sigh*
6th-Aug-2007 04:54 pm(no subject)
first day at northside high in warner robins.....COMPLETE!!!

i think it'll be a good time.
30th-Jul-2007 12:57 pm(no subject)
back from the philippines. it was lovely to be there!

i am pretty much set for warner robins! i move there this weekend! ahhhh!

so there's much to do!

harry potter was glorious btw. : )
18th-Jul-2007 07:53 pm(no subject)
so i've been traveling for over 24 hours..once again...to the philippines.

the cabatingan clan has reunited for lolo's funeral on saturday. it's gonna be weird to have so many cabatingan's in one place.

i'll be there until next friday. then i've gotta make plans for warner robins...as in getting an apartment *sigh*

summer's almost over, where did time go??
11th-Jul-2007 11:17 pm - HARRY POTTER
ohhh harry potter.

sooo good.

and sooooo hoottttt. damn, daniel radcliffe.

so next week is the book!!!

what a month.
6th-Jul-2007 09:25 pm - next saturday...

next saturday until monday i will be in NYC with mum and tita.

we will shop A LOT, eat street vendor food, go to MoMA, and frolick around the city.

i am soooo excited. yay birthday shopping trips!!! : )
1st-Jul-2007 03:57 pm - guess what?!?!
I'M 21!!!!!
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